Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board



coChairs- Katie Williamson, Jane Williamson, Rachel Lesslie and Christina Harper- McCormick

Vice-Principal Rep- Kevin Douglas

Communications Coordinator- Paul Couture

School Reps- All schools

Past Chair- Sean Griffin and Brad Douglas


Mission Statement of the

Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board Athletic Association


Our purpose is as follows:

1. To foster school spirit, attitudes of friendship, and a sense of fair play. We expect all coaches to encourage their students to win and lose with respect and dignity.

2. To encourage the participation of pupils in inter-school sports competitions.

3. To teach students the skills, attitudes, and rules needed to participate effectively in the games played.

4. To make teachers aware of supports documents that are available to assist in the development of an active physical education programme.

5. To follow the direction of the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board Athletic Association Executive Committee.


Duties of the Athletic Association- East
1. To enforce firmly and fairly the rules of the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board Athletic Association.

2. To render decisions as situations arise.

3. To compile a list of tournament convenors.

4. To approve or amend the guidelines of tournaments.


Duties of the Chair of the Athletic Association- East
1. To conduct the Athletic Association- East meetings.

2. To be the intermediary to the Athletic Association Executive.

3. To ensure that pennants and trophies are awarded to the winning teams.

4. To send notices to each school Athletic Association representative regarding changes.

5. To present budget requests to the Athletic Association.

6. To coordinate tournament and sport event dates, locations and referees.


Duties of the Vice-Chair.

1. To act as chair in the absence of the Chair

2. To work in close conjunctions with the chair.

3. Feed back following tournaments, prepare packages for convenors


Duties of the Communications Coordinator.
1. To be responsible for Athletic Association web site.

2. Design schedules for sports tournaments.

3. Provide results to the local media and publicity.

4. Update results of all sporting events on the Athletic Association web site.


1. Prepare agenda, take minutes, provide minutes for the Athletic Association


Convenor's Duties
1. The convenors will acquire a list of all teams participating in the sport he/she is convening from the east web site.
tournament dates have been confirmed and are final
Convenors should have a copy of the rules at the tournament and have referees familiarize with them
Conveners should have a copy of the constitution of the athletic Association at the tournament and familiarizing themselves with it.
Conveners are responsible for gathering needed equipment for tournaments; whistles, game ball, score sheets, score keepers, time clocks, score cards, tracking chart, coin, linespeople, if necessary.
All tournaments result should be forwarded to the Communications Coordinator
Make your presence known to all coaches - via an introduction
Design large chart of tournament to record results for all to see
Obtain 6 student helpers -- one for timing, one for scoresheet, one for flip chart in each of the two courts of play. Get your 6 students to clean up after the tournament.
Send an email with results to Paul Couture the day of the tournament so that results can be sent to the media ASAP and posted on the AASSOC web site. Do not fax in the results. Email only.



Duties of the School Representative
1. To keep their schools informed, re the functioning of the Athletic Association
2 .
To attend all the association meetings.
To cast votes (on behalf of their school and coaches) on matters affecting a change in the Constitution and on other matters dealing with the Association.
If you are not able to attend the meeting, please send a replacement.


Duties of the past chair
1. To act in an advisory capacity to the current executive.
To convene the track and field tournament the first year after completion of term.



Meetings and Rules of Procedure.

Meetings are called at the discretion of the chair. (approx. 3 a year)

Points for discussion are

-tournaments scheduling.

- selection of the convenor

-discussion of rule changes.

- selections of new executive.(every 3 years)


Changes in Tournament or Playing Rules


Theses may be made at regular meetings. No notice of motion beforehand is necessary.


Changes in the Constitution


A. No changes in the constitution may be made except at the general meeting and only provided that the notice of motion in writing shall have been received by the chair at least two weeks prior to said meetings and circulated to each school.


B. A two-thirds majority of those present shall be necessary to change the Constitution or to re-open a question


Note: on all other matters, a simple majority only shall be required.


Voting Privileges


Each school representative (1 vote per school) has one vote.



Tournament Rules Regarding participation
1. Each school may enter only 1 team in each tournament.
An individual student my participate in only 1 tournament per sport per year.
A senior student (grade 7-8) may not participate in a junior tournament but a junior student (grade 3-6) may play in a senior tournament.
Boys cannot play on a girl's team.
Schools may enter a combined boy/girl team in a boy's tournament.
For all sports, players should wear matching school shirts or matching pinnies and appropriate sporting attire.
For Track and Field funning events, participants must wear a school shirt.






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